Frequently asked Questions

Caviar can be enjoyed on all occasions: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, evenings with friends, a romantic dinner.

It is really pleasurable experience.

You can eat it with mini-blinis and butter, eggs or smoked salmon, even on its own.

It is a pure delight.

It is best to take out your caviar tin 5 minutes before serving it. Place it on a bed of ice which will preserve its freshness.

Once opened, caviar must be consumed within 7 days.

It is a production of farmed caviar. Faced with the gradual decline of sturgeon populations in their natural environment, all species of the family are declared threatened by the Washington Convention.

That’s why in the early 90s, sturgeon farming started around the world. They account for 90% of world production.

Beluga caviar produces the largest eggs of the species. These are therefore the most expensive. The egg size is around 3.2 mm.

The Baeri caviar eggs are between 2.5 and 3 mm in size, their colour varies from brown to black.

Beluga caviar has an iodized taste, with delicately buttered flavours.

The Beluga is considered to be the sweetest and most fluffiest of caviars, its eggs burst easily in the mouth. Its shell is softer than of the Baeri.

Baeri caviar is fruity, with a rather discreet iodized note. Its grains stand out quite easily, and has a woody flavour at the end.

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