Baeri Caviar

Baeri caviar comes from the Baeri sturgeon, raised in France. It is a product of farmed caviar. Originally from Lake Baikal in Russia, this sturgeon has been acclimatised for generations to live entirely in fresh water. It measures on average 1.50 meters. Its roe is made up of small brown grains.

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A fresh caviar with a pure and authentic taste, a melting texture, and finely iodized notes of butter and hazelnut. Caviar contains a multitude of nutrients.

For a tasting for two people : 30g

Additional information


In the refrigerator between 0 ° C and 4 ° C. After opening, consume within 48 hours


Raised in France

Scientific name

Acipenser baeri


Sturgeon eggs (Acipenser baeri), salt, preservative E285



Energy value (100g)

1012 kJ

Fat (100g) of which saturated fatty acids

14,3 g

Carbohydrates (100g) including sugars

7,2 g

Proteins (100g)

21.2 g

Salt (100g)

2,93 g