Royal Beluga Caviar

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Beluga caviar is the most famous of the Acipenser Huso Huso sturgeon. This Iranian caviar has large grains and a light grey colour.

It is very pleasant and long in taste.

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Beluga caviar is a caviar made up of Beluga sturgeon eggs, Huso huso.

Called great sturgeon or Beluga, it lives mainly in the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea, also from time to time in the Adriatic Sea.

It is the largest sturgeon (5-8 meters) but also the rarest. Its eggs can represent up to 25% of its weight! And live 50 to 60 years.


Informations complémentaires

Type of caviar

Iranian farmed beluga caviar


In the refrigerator between 0 ° C and 4 ° C. After opening, consume within 7 days.



Scientific name

Huso huso


Sturgeon eggs, salt, preservative E285



Energy value (100g)

1127 kJ

Fat (100g)

18 g of which Saturated fatty acids: 4.2 g

Carbohydrates (100g)

1.1 g, of which Sugars: 0.7 g

Proteins (100g)

26 g

Salt (100g)

3,3 g